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Trends on wordpress website development in 2020

Beginning of 2019 noted a major 5.0 version upgrade in which a block-based web page editor called the Gutenberg editor giving a new web development experience.
Along with the new tool, some additional features are added which is the biggest WordPress updates of the year. There are large number of WordPress plugins extending the core features of the platform.
Lets discuss some of the emerging trends of web designing in WordPress for the year of 2020.

1. Multipurpose Themes

A layout of the website completely depends on the WordPress themes since the beginning of this platform. Along with their web design features multi purpose themes includes large customisations and integrated plugins marking it as on of the major 2020 WordPress trend.
These allows operation of large number of independent websites and makes this a favourite for large number of organisations planning to enhance their business development. That is it helps in managing different sites at the same time.
There are number of versatile multipurpose themes having their own unique templates and features. Whether a co-operate website, an e-commerce website, a portfolio page or any other functional website, specialised multipurpose themes are designed for its specialised roles.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Today most of the organisations have already implemented AI techniques into their works. Implementation of AI needs much planning. AI powers websites with new capabilities. Automation of the daily processes is necessary for faster workflows. Behaviour tracking is also done for the better marketing campaign targeting.
In 2020, it is belived that most of the websites will expand the use of AI.

3. Integrating Live chat and chat bots

Chat boxes provide immediate support to customers at any time. These handy tools provide live support windows while browsing around online, and provide more interaction with them. These are best for answering frequently asked questions, providing help, and learning about customer behaviour. These increases the user engagements on webpages and enhances the user experience on the website.

4. Optimisation of voice search

Today most of the organisations are shifting form focussing on SEO alone to giving more attention towards optimising voice search. The businesses that doesn’t give much attention towards voice search, then they will end up being ignored by large portion of the customers that relies on voice search.

5. Virtual Reality
These days most of the WordPress websites enable VR contents on their websites. Now web development concentrates on media based opportunities. That is websites are largely depends upon the use of visual media to present their products.

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